DI = diabetes | HB = high blood pressure | MP = metal pins or plates | PM = pace maker | CA = cancer (either present or within the last 3 years) | HC = heart conditions | PR = pregnancy | SK = skin diseases | UL = undiagnosed lumps and bumps

Elemis urban cleanse facial for men
This super-grooming facial works overtime to eliminate blocked pores, rapidly accelerates skin repair and neutralises impurities. Fast acting ingredients reduce sensitivity and provide long-lasting defence against the damaging effects of daily pollutants, leaving skin visibly clean and squeaky clean.
UL SK £65 1hr15mins

Elemis skin IQ facial for men
Helping to clam irritation and minimise the signs of ageing, this facial is the ultimate overhaul for male skin. Protecting against the harsh, ageing effects of shaving and environmental damage, moisturisation levels are proven to increase by up to 38% and elasticity by 28% after just 1 hour.
UL SK £69 1hr15mins